Reservations for up to 4 guests

All guests must be 21+ years of age

Prepayment is suggested for expedited entry. There are no Refunds for prepayments, No-Shows and Late Arrivals. Dining time for prepaid reservations cannot be extended for late arrivals.

To enhance the experience of all of our guests, we ask that you respect our dress standards. We consider hats (other than religious headwear), some athletic wear, extremely provocative, tattered or poorly maintained clothing too informal for the dining experience we provide. While we want our guests to be comfortable, we consider overly casual attire to be inappropriate at The Park. .We request that no T-SHIRTS be worn to the venue. Guests that arrive in t-shirts may not be allowed access into the venue and no refund or credits will be provided. Make sure to inform ALL guests! Please respect the discretion of our staff.

For reservations of more than 4 guests, please call (202) 550-0300