• How do I Contact The Park? +

    Main Line (202)737-7275 Bottle Service Table Reservations (202)262-3939 Corporate Events (202)425-8080 Website:
  • What is the closest Metro Station?? +

    The Park can be accessed via the McPherson Square stop on the BLUE and ORANGE lines. Use the 14th & I St exit and walk north ½ block on west side of 14th St to The Park.
  • When is The Park open? +

    Tuesday 11:30am - 10pm  |   Wednesday 11:30am - 10pm  |   Thursday 11:30am - 2am  |   Friday 11:30am - 3am  |   Saturday 10pm-3am  |   Special events (luncheons, receptions, galas, fundraisers, weddings, etc.) can be arranged at any day & time, subject to availability.
  • How can I get further information on corporate events and catering? +

    Please contact Anne at (202)-425-8080 or anne @ or events @
  • Is there a minimum age requirement for entrance to The Park? +

    The Park generally requires all guests to be 21 years of age or over.
  • Does The Park offer valet parking? +

    U Street Parking offers valet parking at the front entrance of The Park starting at 6:30pm nightly. The rate is $20 per vehicle.
  • Is there a coat check? +

    Coat check is available at a cost of $5 per item / (1) item per hanger.
  • What major credit cards are accepted? +

    We accept American Express, Visa and Master Card. We do not accept gift cards or any cards that are not imprinted with the user’s name.
  • Does The Park have a happy hour or other specials? +

    The Park has happy hour from 5-7pm on Thursday and Friday featuring $6/$5/$4/$3/$2/$1 nightly food and drink specials. 
  • Does The Park serve dinner? How about lunch? +

    Yes, Tuesday through Friday we have a full dinner menu available from 5-10:30pm. In addition, we have a limited late night menu available from 10:30pm-1am on Thursdays. We are also open for lunch Tuesday through Friday starting at 11:30am, The Park has available during the day for private luncheons, meetings, retreats, team building activities or other functions as well.
  • How do I make dinner reservations? +

    Please call (202)737-7275 from10am-4pm Monday through Friday. Outside of those hours, please send an email request to dinner @ If you submit an email request, you MUST receive an email response from The Park for your reservation to be confirmed. We accept limited dinner reservations starting at 5pm on Thursday and Friday.
  • What is your dinner reservation policy? +

    As one of DC’s most popular after-work, weekend and late night destinations, The Park is honored to be able to welcome you and your guests to our venue.  In order to accommodate all who choose to spend their time with us, The Park must maintain a strict dinner reservation policy. At this time, we are only able to accept a limited number of dinner reservations for parties of 6 OR MORE. Due to the high demand for tables, reservations will be held for a maximum of 15 minutes past your reserved time. Regrettably, after 15 minutes, we will be forced to forfeit your reservation, and seating for your party will become subject to availability. In addition, all members of your party must be present in order to be seated; partial groups do not constitute being on time for the reservation so please plan accordingly. Although we are unable to make individual exceptions to this policy, we welcome you to wait for the arrival of all your guests at one of our beautiful bars, where our talented team of mixologists are happy to introduce you to The Park’s signature cocktails or beverages. For dinner reservations, please call ( 202 ) 737 - 7275, Monday – Friday between 10am-5pm. Thank you for your cooperation.
  • How do I reserve an area in the lounge? +

    After 10pm, all seated areas in Park are available for bottle service only and can be reserved with the required minimum liquor spend. Please call the bottle service table reservation line at (202)262-3939. If there is no answer, please send a text message to that number AND an email to bottleservice @ Be sure to include your name, contact number and email, desired date, how many guests, and any other pertinent information.
  • Questions about cupcakes and other desserts? +

    We know you love to celebrate birthdays; so do we! However, in order to preserve a consistent level of quality, presentation, and outstanding service, we regret that we cannot permit guests to bring in outside desserts of any kind. However, if you have made a reservation and would like to celebrate with a special dessert, we have partnerships with several of DC’s most well-known cupcakeries, and are happy to order and manage delivery of cupcakes for your event, and we can even supply candles – simply ask your server! Due to the logistics of serving cake (or any other dessert larger than a cupcake), at this time we are only able to offer cupcakes as a dessert option, but they are delicious so please don’t hesitate to ask! For more information or to place a cupcake order, simply speak to your reservation specialist when you call to reserve your time. Welcome to The Park! We look forward to serving you!
  • Is there a cover charge? +

    On Thursday and Friday, there is usually no cover charge between 5-10pm. On Saturday, there is a cover charge starting at 10pm when we open. The regular cover charge is $20. Times and amount of the cover charge are subject to change on any given day due to special events.
  • How do I get on the guest list? +

    Please submit names to the appropriate guest list which are located under our night life menu tab
  • What is the dress code? +

    The Park strives to maintain an atmosphere that is friendly and inviting to all who come here. While it is truly impossible to author a complete list of unacceptable attire, the manner of dress, whether specified or not, shall be governed by good taste and be in keeping with the character of The Park. As such, our staff is charged with the difficult decision of either welcoming those guests whose dress they consider appropriate, or politely denying access to anyone considered inappropriate to the occasion. Please understand that these decisions are not arbitrary, but rather based on our desire to facilitate the optimal surroundings for an environment of our caliber. Sports shoes, casual boots, flip flops, t-shirts, athletic apparel, and tattered or ill-fitting clothing clearly are unacceptable. Meanwhile, some other items may depend on the manner in which they are worn. The specific type of clothing may not be taken into consideration as much as the style that is portrayed by the person wearing it. We reserve the right to make a judgment regarding the image that we want our facility, as well as our guests, to represent. As such, we encourage our guests to avoid the inconvenient and uncomfortable situation that might arise if they or their guests are denied access to The Park, by diplomatically respecting our decisions. We are confident that our guests’ good sense of style and taste, along with the careful judgment of our staff, will continue the atmosphere of warmth and gracious decorum which our guests anticipate when they enjoy an evening at The Park. IN SHORT……LOOK YOUR BEST!!!
  • Where can I find information on upcoming events? +

    Please click on the Nightlife tab on The Park website,, for up-to-date information on nightly events or click here.
  • Does The Park have a lost and found? +

    If you leave or misplace an item at The Park, please call (202)737-7275 Monday-Friday from 10am-5pm. If you need to reach someone outside of those hours, please call and/or send a text (202)262-3939 or (202)425-8080.
  • How do I apply for a position at The Park? +

    We are always looking for great additions to our team! Please apply in person at The Park on Monday, Wednesday or Thursday from 11am-3pm. You can also visit our careers section under our main menu for more details.
  • How do I submit a suggestion or complaint? +

    Please send your submissions to The Park via email to info @
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